Hardworking Families? FUCK OFF!!!

hard working families

David Cameron was on Good Morning Britain today attempting to justify his planned cuts to welfare. He stated that it’s not fair for “hard working families” to pay for benefits.

Every time Cameron or another Tory prat comes out with the “hardworking families” line you just want to dump a load of dog’s shit over their head.

It’s a standard stock in trade line to divide the working classes up between those who work and those who do not and blame those who do not work for the problems faced by those who are in employment.

It’s the rhetoric of “workers vs shirkers” and “strivers vs skivers”. It tells the waged poor that their problems and the hardships they suffer are the fault of the unwaged poor. It tells them that they should blame people in their own communities who are out of work for whatever reason, including sickness and disability for the fact they do not have enough money and they themselves are struggling to make ends meet.

It takes the blame away from those who are really to blame…the rich! The bankers, the bosses, the taxdodgers…the scum.

It turns working class people against each other, creates suspicion which the ruling classes depend upon to dodge responsibility for the social problems they have created.

And when David Cameron and other Tories talk about “hard working families” they are not talking about ordinary families or ordinary working people. They are talking about the rich, the privileged…in other words they are talking about their mates.

The “hard working” families they are talking about are not hard working at all. They are bone idle, workshy scroungers who sit in luxury at the behest of those they consider to be beneath them…the workers who do the jobs the jobs they would rather not do themselves.

The low waged (who they are now targeting for sanctions), the immigrants, the workers who do not get paid enough to live on. That’s not the hard working people or hard working families they are talking about.

So when they talk about hard working families they are not talking about families like yours. They are talking about families like them, rich, privileged and taking this country for a massive ride.

Hard working families? FUCK OFF!!!


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