Cameron Doesn’t Give A Fuck About Food Banks

David Cameron was asked about food banks by Jeremy Paxman during the Cameron vs Milliband TV debate last night. He dodged answering the question by blathering on about how great the Tories have made the economy.

The fact is David Cameron doesn’t give a fuck about food banks, and neither does any Tory politician and indeed the entire Tory party.

The number of people using food banks has risen dramatically under the ConDem coalition and that’s all due to the merciless cuts to benefits. Sanctions have driven people to these food banks as thousands are having their benefits taken away due to trivial reasons such as being a couple of minutes late for an appointment.

Last night the right-wing scumbag “celebrity” Katie Hopkins spouted on Twitter “If you can’t afford to eat sacrifice your Iphone and get your lazy arse to work”. That viewpoint pretty much sums up how most Tories feel about food banks and the suffering welfare reform has caused the poor.

These millionaire arseholes don’t give a shit about people not being able to afford to eat, all they give a toss about is saving money for their millionaire pals and appeasing the disgusting right-wing tabloid press who want the poor made to suffer for the problems caused by the people they represent…the rich.


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