A Budget For Useful Idiots

Here’s one of Katie Hopkins tweets about yesterday’s Budget…

Katie Hopkins @KTHopkins · Mar 18
‘Welfare savings of over £21 billion a year’. Epic. So take that you lazy dole-wasting b*stards. #Budget2015

Yes George Osbourne’s Budget was a budget for useful idiots, useful idiots like Katie Hopkins. Useful idiots like the entire right-wing tabloid press who have been lapping it up and fawning over Osbourne as their favorite Tory pinup.

This Tory Budget like all Tory Budgets is made by the rich, for the rich and only benefits the rich. It claims to be rewarding “hard working” people but by hard working it doesn’t mean those working hard on low wages it means those not really working much at all for fat salaries.

The rhetoric of “hard working” people does not refer to those people who work hard to keep this country going…the nurses, the firefighters, the public transport workers, the people we rely on a take for granted to care for us when we are sick, or in danger or to shift us from a to b and be rewarded with verbal abuse because the bus was five minutes late.

No it refers to those who do fuck all work, who sit on their fat rich backsides and live off the hard work of other people.

Tory Budgets reward the rich and punish the poor and Tory scum like Katie Hopkins and the right-wing press want to see rich people rewarded and the poor punished. They want to see unemployed people punished for losing their jobs through no fault of their own, they want to see the sick and disabled branded welfare scroungers and forced to work for big corporations for no pay and they want to see people made to suffer for daring to claim £175 every two weeks just to keep themselves and their families fed and warm.

But they are happy to see the rich sit on their fat backsides and be rewarded for tax dodging, greed and taking everyone for a ride. So this Budget is for them, the useful idiots who the rich find very useful indeed.

Fuck them all.


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