Disgraceful Esther McVey Claims Sanctions HELP People

Shut the fuck up you Tory piece of shit…


Employment minister Esther McVey has argued that benefit sanctions help “alert” authorities that certain people are vulnerable and in need of help.

Total bollocks! The very fact that McVey thinks anyone will believe this blatant lying bullshit shows just how out of touch she and indeed the entire Tory party are.

Benefit sanctions are there to punish people not alert to the fact they need help. If they need help they are not getting it they are being punished for problems beyond their control. People are being sanctioned for being two minutes late or because they couldn’t attend an appointment because they are ill or even because they have been hit by a fucking car and are in hospital.

These people need help and instead they are being sanctioned and forced to starve and steal for food.

Esther McVey is completely out of touch and living in cloud cuko land if she thinks anyone buys her utter bullshit. She can do one.


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