Parody Or Hate Blog?

Yesterday when doing some research on anti-welfare propaganda I stumbled across this blog…

Now on the face of it it seems a hateful blog which verbally attacks people on benefits and includes comments which even make fun of benefit claimants threatening to commit suicide.

However after some digging it looks like it’s a parody blog which is making fun of right-wing hateful bigotry against benefit claimants.

What gives it away is the author of the blog Currysocks is listed on Twitter as a liberal welfare activist. Also I found a forum which says the blog is a wind up.

However with these things it’s hard to tell. There is so much hatred against welfare claimants, the unemployed, the sick and the disabled out there that when you come across something which is clearly making satire of anti-welfare claimant hatred it’s hard to tell whether they are being serious or not.

What do you reckon?


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