Tory Scum Defends Sanctions That Resulted In Man With Learning Disablities Nearly Starving To Death

Mark Spencer is a piece of utter shit and he should be hounded out of his office for his nasty views…

Here we have a Labour MP raising the issue of a man with learning difficulties starving in the dark because he was sanctioned by the Jobcentre for being FOUR MINUTES late and this utter Tory wanker says…

I hope that the hon. Lady appreciates that people who work very hard, and who might be earning very small amounts from working 50 hours a week, have to turn up to work on time. It is important that those seeking employment learn the discipline of timekeeping, which is an important part of securing and keeping a job.

This man is heartless, has zero compassion and totally demonstrates the lack of empathy of the entire Tory benefits sanctioning regime.

Amazingly he refuses to apologise and attempts to backtrack…

They have twisted what I’ve said. I said that the normal people doing normal jobs, if they turn up late they would get their wages docked, and I stand by that.When it comes to people with learning disabilities, I think we should be helping them into work.

Nobody has twisted what this bastard has said. He totally ignored the suffering of this poor man and instead went on about people looking for work needing to learn timekeeping. He cares more about the unemployed being on time for appointments than people on benefits nearly dying because they have no food because their benefits were stripped off them.

He’s a fucking cunt and deserves all the shit coming his way.


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