DWP Spokesman Lies About Benefit Sanctions

A few days ago there was a report on a protest outside a Job Center against benefit sanctions…


A spokesman for the Department For Work and Pensions is wheeled out to spout utter lies…

“There are no targets for sanctions and in fact there were fewer sanctions this year compared to last.”

We know this is utter bollocks. DWP staff have come forward and told the media that they are under pressure to sanction benefit claimants.

There has been a leaked document which tells Job Center Plus advisors they need to up their game when it comes to the amount of people they are sanctioning….


“Sanctions are used as a last resort where people don’t play by the rules.”

As has been shown time and time again sanctions are NOT used as a last resort and nor are they used only when people don’t play by the rules. They are used indiscriminately and for minor “offences” such as arriving a couple of minutes late for an appointment and claimants are being sanctioned because of mistakes made by the JCP.

The bullshit coming out of the DWP are just utter lies and have been exposed as lies.


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