Burning The Scumbag Sun Will Never Be A Last Resort

Whilst the liberal middle classes have been wringing their hands over whether or not The Sun has dropped topless glamour models from it’s Page 3 the right-wing Tory tabloid rag continues to peddle hatred towards people on benefits.

Today they launch their “Sunifesto” a list of demands for politicians in the upcoming General Election. Of course this “Sunifesto” includes demands for further attacks on welfare and in a section on benefits The Sun states “We want welfare to be a last resort to prevent hunger and homelessness”.

The right-wing press and politicians keep talking about how claiming benefits needs to be a “last resort” for people. But how does anyone prove that they are claiming benefits as a last resort? Perhaps they need to get down on bended knee with cap in hand.

The Sun also say they want people prevented from choosing not to work, this is a regular lie peddle by the right-wing rags and their Tory friends that people claiming benefits do so out of choice and they do anything they can to avoid working.

This kind of propaganda is fed to working class people causing a division between those who are employed and those who are unemployed and leads to those in work blaming those in their communities who are without work (for whatever reason including disability) for their financial hardships.

Thus this leads to the waged working classes voting for parties who would be tougher and “crackdown” on welfare and those claiming benefits.

This kind of divide and rule allows the real causes of the financial woes of the working classes to go unnoticed and unchallenged…the rich, the bosses and the corporations. They get away with murder while the working classes blame each other for their problems.

The Sun newspaper is at the forefront of the right-wing media’s propaganda for the Tories and their vile attacks on the poorest in our society shows why burning their nasty “newspaper” will never be a last resort.


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