Happy New Year Let’s Keep Up The Fight

Happy New Year and let’s go into next 12 months looking to keep up the fight against this government of Tory millionaires and conmen who dump on the unemployed, the sick and the disabled from a great height in order to save money for their rich friends and propagandists in the right-wing media.

There are so many reasons why there are people keeping up the fight against the ConDems programme of welfare “reform” and we should remind ourselves of those reasons…

.Benefit claimants being forced to look for work 35 hours a week in Job Centres or have their money stopped.

.Benefit claimants being sanctioned and their money cut off for being a few minutes late for their appointments with the Job Centre.

.Job Centre staff making appointments for clients they were unaware of and then deliberately sending out letters informing them they need to attend these appointments on the day that they were actually due to attend the appointment thus tricking them into not attending and having their money stopped.

.More rich corporations and “charities” signing up for the failed workfare programme of forced labour.

.The right-wing media’s continued assault on the unemployed, the sick and the disabled branding them scroungers, shirkers and a drain on the “hard working taxpayer”.

This is why we need to keep up the fight. Happy new year.


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