The Archbishop Vs The Vile Tories And Their Right-wing Media Propagandists

This Archbishop has spoken out the truth about poverty in this country and for his troubles has been attacked by vile Tories and their propagandists in the right-wing tabloid press…

The disgusting Daily Mail claims this report into hunger in the UK reveals people on benefits are spending their money on cigarettes and alcohol but they do not site any evidence from this report which shows this.

This a lie and a nasty smear on the poor!

Another Archbishop has come out and rightly condemned the government’s welfare policies and the attacks on the unemployed, the sick and the disabled and the right-wing media have gone into overdrive trying to smear him and label the unemployed as feckless, workshy scroungers who blow their cash on ciggies and booze.

The Daily Mail is at the forefront of the media’s war on the poor and promoting the Coalition’s attacks on the most vunerable in our society. Nasty rag read by nasty people!


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