The Sun’s Front Page Is Designed To Portray Benefit Claimants As Living In Luxury

The front page of The Sun this morning is typical Tory propaganda against benefit claimants. It features a family on benefits who are boasting about how the “taxpayer” is going to be funding an apparently lavish Christmas for them and their children.

They openly talk about how they plan to spend their benefits on expensive presents for their children and how they expect to be able to live the high life on welfare.

Such a story is designed to push the right-wing Tory mantra that people on benefits are living a life of luxury and extravagance courtesy of the “hard working taxpayer”. The Tory government and their propagandists in the right-wing tabloid press constantly push the nasty view that people on both unemployment and sickness and disability benefits are living the high life, surrounded by expensive items such as widescreen TVs and the children of benefit claimants have expensive presents at Christmas.

This is designed to insight anger from working class people who are in work and create divisions amongst working class communities where people see those without work as being better off than them and “scrounging” off the back of their hard work.

The “workers vs shirkers” and “strivers vs skivers” mantra peddled by this government encourages working class people in employment to blame working class people without jobs for their own hardships. The waged working class are being told in no uncertain terms by the ruling class that it is people in their own communities who are unemployed and on benefits who are to blame for the fact they struggle to make ends meet.

But it’s not the unemployed benefit claimants who are to blame for working people with jobs struggling to get by it’s the bosses who won’t pay workers a fair wage and it’s the rich who take all the money for themselves and horde it away in off shore accounts and tax havens.

Stories like the one in The Sun are designed to turn working class people against each other and to get them to blame each other for their financial problems and hardships. The reality is scores of people on benefits are not living a life of luxury surrounded by flash gadgets and it’s not the unemployed, the sick and the disabled who are to blame for the struggles of workers.

It’s the rich who will no doubt love stories like this as it deflects blame from their own greed. For they are the real scroungers!


One thought on “The Sun’s Front Page Is Designed To Portray Benefit Claimants As Living In Luxury

  1. You are 100% correct, I live on JSA, I don’t get housing benefit as I am classed as a Non dependent, so I have to pay £15.00 a week rent plus money for food. After paying out every fortnight I’m living on £80.00 a fortnight, that’s £40.00 a week that’s £5.71 a day, if I need to go anywhere it’s £4.00 for an all day bus ticket. I’d love to see these Sun journos live on that!!!!!!


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