When Even The Daily Mail Thinks Fit For Work Test Are Getting It Wrong You Know Things Are Fucked Up!

The Daily Mail reports on the story of a severely disabled teenager with the mental age of five being called in for an assessment to see if she’s still entitled to ESA…


When even the Daily Mail, which is usually hostile and scathing towards people on disability benefits thinks that the government’s fitness for work tests are getting it wrong you know these tests are well and truly fucked up.

The Mail has previously reported on cases where people with severe health conditions such as cancer have been assessed as fit for work by the WCA (Work Capability Assessment) and had their ESA stopped. Even the right-wing pro Tory media now is talking about the ridiculousness of people with terrible disabilities and illnesses being forced to go through these tests and some having the benefits taken away after being ruled fit to work.

When their own propagandists see the injustice of all this this Tory government will soon realise how so many people see these fitness for work tests as a crime against humanity. Because that’s just what they are.


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