Living In Fear Of Losing Your Benefits Is A Human Rights Abuse

Many benefit claimants have had that feeling of dread when they open the brown envelope from the DWP, wondering what it is going to tell them. Many have had medical assesments by the murdering scum that is ATOS Origin (who have now lost the WCA contract to new poverty makers Maximus) and are expecting to be told that they have been found fit to work and their ESA has been cut off.

Others have gone through the nightmare of sitting up late at night the day before their benefit is due to go into their bank account and as soon as it has gone past midnight constantly checking their bank online to see if the money has gone in. When it has not they begin to panic and fear the worst.

The constant threat of losing benefits is one that is hanging over the heads of claimants, both those on JSA and ESA. Sanctions have risen both for the unemployed and the sick and the disabled and people on benefits can now be mandated to do whatever the Jobcentre tells them whether it is beneficial for their employment prospects or their health or not by threatening to cut or stop their benefit if they do not do it.

Making the poor, the unemployed and the sick and the disabled live in fear of losing their benefits is a human rights abuse. It is a form of psychological warfare aimed at the most vunerable in our society and those who advocate it as a means of “motivating” the unemployed to look for work or the sick to get better are implicit in this abuse.

The lies the politicians and their propagandists in the media peddle that people claiming benefits are all living the high life, with widescreen TVs and booze on tap is far from the reality of those on welfare. For many it is a daily struggle, a struggle to make ends meet, to feed themselves and their families and dealing with the constant worry that at anytime they money can be taken away on a whim or because they have slightly transgressed in the eyes of the Jobcentre.

Living in fear of having your only income stripped is not living the high life, it’s living a fucking nightmare.


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