The NHS Strikers Stayed Strong

Despite attacks from Tory rightwing morons the NHS strikers stayed strong yesterday. The usual bulshit about striking workers were banded about, that they are greedy, that they are already getting a pay rise etc.

Tories and right wingers paint strikers as ungrateful plebs who should be thankful for what their bosses give them. They are told to shut up and be grateful that they are paid what they are or for having a job at all.

The rightwing media push the anti union propaganda of the ruling classes and try to turn ordinary people against the strikers but there is always a lot of support for them. People do not need to be militant trade unionists or Marxists to see when workers are getting a raw deal and why they have the right to fight for better pay and conditions.

The striking health workers yesterday were one hundred per cent right and scumbags like Katie Hopkins who attacked them can f off and crawl back under a rock.

The message from trade unions to this government is they wont take their bullshit and good on them.


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